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Project of Wotanists and White regionalists


 Ingermanland (the North-Western lands of Russia).

Now many White supporters in the Western world have falsely believe Russia is «hope of the White race» and «Russian folk» — full White European folj. This is not true. People with white skin doesn’t mean the White Man.

Near Ladoga lake

Near Ladoga lake

Originally historical Rus, there were goths-warriorsseveral centers, such as Novgorod (formerly Ladoga), Polotsk and Kiev, and later Suzdal and Vladimir. These Russian states was founded by the Vikings (Varangians), dynasty of Skjöldung-direct descendants of Odin, representative of which was Prince Rurik. However, in the 13th century, the Russian states, except Novgorod, Polotsk, were swept away Asian Mongol invasion.

The princes of Moscow began to cooperate with the Mongolian invaders, to drown in the blood of Russian rebellion, for which he received the right to collect tribute. So abounded Muscovy. It formed a special type of «Russians»-Muscovite who Asian political culture and some Asian blood.


Soviet people (homo soveticus)

Then these Russians evolved into «sovoks”, creating a new prison of the peoples of the USSR. Today, Muscovite, scoop-is «vatnik». People with white skin, but absolutely hostile to Europe and Western civilization. «Ivan did not remember their origin». Many countries and peoples were under the rule of the Bolsheviks. In all there were those who collaborated with the red invaders. Today all countries have left sympathetic to Communist ideas. The tragedy of Russia and modern Russians that the Soviet

Russhka Square vatnik

Russhka Square vatnik

Red spider of evil

Red spider of evil

Communist consciousness here merged tightly with national identity. «Russians», in the majority, it is the Soviet artificially bred Golems. Today is hostile to the European spirit of the Russians-scoops-the jackets under the leadership of the Kremlin mafia from the KGB unleashed a terrorist war against the Ukrainian nation, to prevent Ukraine again to choose the European way. Bolsheviks zombies go to Europe, as were their ancestors in 1945 under the leadership of Asian Stalin, destroying the German project of the New Europe and the civilization created by the labor of generations of White people.
On the Baltic coast of the Neva river and lake Ladoga we are trying to create alternative Russianness and alternative for Muscovy, not hostile Europe, but an organic part of it. The state originating from the kingdoms of the Goths and Vikings, Ladoga Jarldom, Novgorod Republic. For New Russian European nation and the state Russian Europeans. ORION!

Do or die!

Do or die!


Addition: Who is Vatnik?

Vatnik is a popular in Russia and a number of the CIS countries Internet-meme, created in 2011. Four years have passed, and now Vatnik is gaining fame in USA and Europe.

Vatnik Russhka

Vatnik Russhka

What kind of people do we call a Vatnik? He is an exaggerated representation of a Russian lunatic patriot. He’s a stupid, conservative traditionalist with an abscense of critical thinking and self-irony who worships Putin, fantasizes about USSR revival, hates USA, Europe and all of their allies, while actually envying them. His biggest dream is Russia ruled by an iron fist of a Leader who will reinstate labor camps and fill them with the ones who oppose; who will be executing liberalists and queers; who will put USA on its knees.

He’s a homophobic hypocrit, savage liar and insecure covard; he denies human rights, believes the world is plotted against Russia and sees an enemy of the state and his own in everyone who disagrees with him; Victory Day is a sacred day in his religion of Stalin and the Veterans.

As a large part of of Russians, Vatnik drinks a lot of vodka; he’s got a black eye in a fight with other alcoholic patriots of Russia.

Word ‘Vatnik’ means a type of warm clothing, a quilted jacket, stuffed with cotton material, ‘Vata’. Its history dates back to XVIII century, but nowdays it’s best remembered for being worn by prisoners in Stalin’s labor camps.
Charachter Vatnik is this jacket’s flesh and blood, that’s the reason why he is as stupid and ignorant as the material this clothing is being made from. Grey agressive Vatnik has already become one of the Russian symbols, alongside matryoshka, vodka, balalaika and the Russian Bear.

The majority of Russian are vatniks, exposed to influence from mass media filled with pro-Putin propaganda.

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